Eve's Sports Massage - Massage for all Sports.
Having suffered badly from stress leading to extreme neck pain and headaches I underwent many therapies to relieve these symptoms with no success. I was recommended to try Eve's Sports Massage.
I am now pain free with more mobility than I have had for a while. I visit her for a regular maintenance massage. Eve makes me feel relaxed and confident in my treatment.
D. Seymour, Wokingham
As a outdoor pursuits instructor I am constantly bruised, battered and sore. Eve has always been there to sort me out. I go in with a bad back and leave feeling like a million bucks. Brilliant!
G. Gallacher, Farnborough
I had a pulled IT band after a running training session. After just one session of sports massage with Evelyn I was able to manage some light runs, which for any runner is fantastic. The worst thing about being injured is the inability to run, not always the temporary drop in performance.
Evelyn worked hard on my leg and assessed the condition of my whole lower body. She put my muscles through a tough massage, which clearly worked well. I felt so impressed I recommended her to others who have since also been impressed with the results Evelyn has achieved.
D. Hopper, Fleet

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